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Good morning! 

Here is a little Thursday morning reading for you! 

Below you will find an incredibly brave post written by my wonderful friend and client Ali. 

I am sharing this for many reason but there are three big ones.

One, I am incredibly touched that a friend/client would write so many lovely things about me personally. 

Two, if you are struggling with infertility this is a message of hope. There is a very lucky ittle person waiting for you Ali and Brad 

Three,  if your current fitness routine isn’t addressing your overall health (emotional+physical+spiritual+mental) then you should rethink your routine. If you don’t have a routine or want one it’s time to start looking!  Physical activity is a powerful force. If done right it can help pick you up on days when you are feeling lower than low. It can give you a temporary break from your struggles. A chance to focus on something you can control, when you feel like everything else is against you. I know it has for me and many of my other clients. I don’t think I have a single client who hasn’t cried or wanted to at one time or another. I should clarify, these tears aren’t because the workout is too hard, (although sometimes it might feel that way) it is that struggling physically is a catalyst for unearthing feelings we have chosen to suppress. There is no where for those feeling to hide during a new challenging movement or workout. It’s is also really important that you feel comfortable enough with the person you’re working with to be able to talk about anything you want.  There is a reason I changed my businesses name to Whole Health Kawartha. Anyways, I think I’ve made my point. 

Here is Ali’s story. 

I hope that if you are struggling with anything let’s call it life, that you will try exercise.  This thing called life can feel overwhelming hard sometimes and breaks are needed.  Whatever fitness may look like to you get back to it! Or find something new! Yoga, walking, running, Barre, crossfit, powerlifting whatever! When I am having a hard day (single mom, in the midst of a divorce) my friends and mom will ask me if I am going to crossfit. And when I really don’t want to go, I know I need to go. It has never failed me.  


Please, please, please ask and get help. That is what helping professions are for! If not exercise, please talk to someone. You and your health are too important. 



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