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September how I love you!

I think it is the perfect time to get back to a routine, makes some plans, and get your healthy living plans on track! It is time for a fitness and nutrition restart!

We had a wonderful summer. It was a slow, lazy one with as always, some excitement! (more later) My social media shutoff starting in June was a huge catalyst for me to come up with some pretty fabulous ideas. Personally, I have absolutely loved being disconnected from the web and being more present in my actual life. I loved it so much I have a whole blog post coming all about it! It is full of some pretty convincing arguments as to why you should try a social media shutdown too!

Back to why you are here!

The newest wellness challenge is starting soon and it is only 21 days long! It starts September 9th and ends on September 30th! AKA the day of my birth! So much to be excited about! I will be posting everything on my 21 day challenge page (you will find the link below) as well as on Instagram and Facebook.

Fitness Challenge Goal Setting

My goals will be: to continue working towards a healthy balance of everythanggg! That includes social media in my life and work. I don’t seem to have a balance at all. Just all or nothing. Which in my experience works 0% of the time long term. Of course one of my goals is to continue to improve upon my nutrition. That plan goes along well with the fact that Connor and I have decided to work towards a more plant based diet. We have many reasons for this and that will also be its very own blog! Now that he is on board look out! I look forward to us sharing a candid, honest perspective about how we are doing with this goal. We also have an incredible destination wedding to attend in February and I have some serious fitness goals! This 21 days is a great jump into building a wonderful routine that will carry me through the fall. 3 workouts a week is manageable, and allows for the days when life gets in the way.

Goal setting perspective!

These 21 days are not meant to overhaul or change your whole life. I am a huge preachy advocate of slow and steady. This 21 days is meant to get you feeling good about taking care of yourself, finding what works for you and what doesn’t. I am here to guide you on making your own plan.

Our lives are not the same. What works for me will more than likely not work perfectly for you. We wake up at different times, we have different work schedules and commitments, what we eat is more than likely different. All of this considered, our goal remains the same, we all want to feel our best.

Let’s get this 21 days started!

Your very own workout planner!

What do you need for the 21 Day Challenge?

Everything you will need to make your own plan are ready for you! You will find downloadable PDFs of a workout planner, workouts and a link to my Pinterest (21 Day Challenge Board) There you will find lots of meal and snack ideas. Follow that board or start your own board so you recipes and ideas can be easily found. You will also find my very first and probably last realtime mobility video. Soo awkward. :/

Where are all these glorious items? They can all be found on my 21 Day Wellness Challenge page which is as easy as clicking the link here—> 21 Day Fitness and Nutrition Challenge!

A few more tips before you head over there!

You will need 3 copies of the workout planner or just make your plan for each of the 3 weeks on one. Obviously, you can also always use just a blank piece of paper or anything, but don’t you just really want to have a photo of me forever?? 😉

I also want you to post, brag or whatever about what you are doing. Tag me on Instagram or Facebook or even just private message me, please use the hashtag #Wholehealthchallenge so I can see what you are up too!

Doing this will add another level of accountability. You should be proud of yourself! Don’t let other peoples opinions stop you for what you want to do. Haters gunna hate.

DIY Workouts!

You will find lots of workouts on the 21 Day Challenge page but you could also choose the DIY route. Just make sure the workouts are ones you are going to be excited to do, and reflect your current fitness level. A walk is a workout so don’t talk yourself out of this!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me! You can sign up below to my blog so you won’t miss a thing, or message me on Instagram or Facebook

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