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Do you have a morning routine? Does it set you up for a great start to your day?

If not, let’s create one!

How my morning routine came to be

It turns out I am actually fairly new to learning how important a good morning routine is. I didn’t purposely plan my morning routine. It was only when I started drinking coffee, and was in the midst of my divorce that one started to take form. No day starts well for me if this routine is flipped upside down.

During my divorce I needed something to help start my morning in a positive way. When you’re in the trenches of life’s hard stuff, it is easy to wake up and let your mind slip right back into the worry, sadness, the what ifs, and all the things out of your control. This was especially true for about the 5 months after my dad passed away. I would wake up, and for a few brief moments my mind wouldn’t be thinking about the reality of things, and then everything would come crashing down. It definitely didn’t make it easy to get out of bed, let alone have a productive day. If only I knew then what I know now.

I know now that I needed to find a way to pull myself back into the present. You and I both need to be grateful for the right now. If this means writing down what you are grateful for, do it! I still have my little red book that I did this in. I would write three things I was grateful for. When I look back at this book there are three things that were almost always written down.

The three most common things on my gratitude list

  • Hudson, Connor and my family.
  • My health and the health of those who I love.
  • Exercise and the ability to move in the way I want.

If you choose to start doing this don’t worry about repeating yourself. Not everyday is filled with profound moments. Many times I said the same thing everyday, and didn’t ever worry that I was repeating what I was grateful for. My moments of conscious gratitude were something that I look forward too.

Now enter my morning routine, I actually have one now and do this routine almost every morning. It works for me, and sets me up for a positive start to my day. Maybe after reading this, you will consider making one that works for you. Below, I have written out my routine for the fall and just below that I have gone into detail about why each one is part of my routine. At the bottom of the page you will find a printable download I made for you to write out your own morning routine! 🙂

My fall morning routine

Number One and Two

They’re together because it is kind of a packaged deal. They belong together! I’m being serious. If you haven’t tried drinking coffee and doing yoga or whatever, you are missing out. Just an FYI, if you have children sometimes this requires some pretty questionable wakeup times. Like 5am.

I started drinking coffee after Hudson was born, and now I lovvvee it! I can’t believe what I was missing. I was one of those “I’m never drinking coffee” people. My routine of drinking coffee and doing some sort of mobility in the morning became an actual thing over 3 years ago! How crazy is that??

Yoga Routines

It started with me creating little yoga routines for myself everyday. What I love about it is that I can’t think about anything but the movement. You have to be present or it will fall apart. It is just like during a really hard workout. It is the mental break that I needed during my worst times and now my best. My daily breaks and centring myself comes from movement in all forms. Below is actually the first photo that I ever took when I started.

You would never know from this picture that I was in the midst of a 3 year high conflict divorce.

If you follow me on Instagram I make time-lapse videos and post them on the Gram in the hopes that other people will join me in this very easy, wonderful morning routine.

In case you’re wondering. My routine always includes poses/stretches that allow for me to rest and drink some coffee. Sometimes I don’t even get out of bed to do this. It is also always super easy, nothing fancy here! Even five minutes of movement makes me feel accomplished, and often gives me the motivation to do more later in the day. If you still feel like maybe you don’t have time, try my “don’t leave your bed yoga”. Just stay in bed and just roll around for a bit or try it when your going to bed.

Don’t leave your bed Yoga

Number Three

Make a breakfast that I will actually be excited to eat. You know what I mean. You leave it to the last minute and you end up eating crappy oatmeal, or a tiny piece of fruit, a poptart (Rheannan), honey nuts cheerios (me), a handful of crackers (every toddler in the world), shall I go on? The type of breakfasts that has you ready to kill someone within an hour because you’re starving.

Personally, I get so caught up in drinking coffee, making Hudson breakfast, doing laundry, doing the ol’ social media scroll, that I will put myself last on the list of making something. Lately, I have been making much more of an effort to eat within an hour of waking. It makes such a big difference in my energy levels for the whole day. Being a person who likes to workout in the morning if I don’t eat breakfast my workout always suffers. 

Number Four

Make the bed. I always make our bed, I love having a freshly made bed. It just looks so clean, organized and is a small accomplishment first thing. Full disclosure, I have help in this department. Connor makes the bed a lot because he also likes a nicely made bed. Now, if we could only get Hudson on board. Do five year olds make beds??

Number Five

Do one task that will set me up for a less chaotic evening. This doesn’t always work out because well… life. But, I do try to get one thing done. Throw in some laundry, wipe off the counters for the 700th time, pick up the same LEGO I picked up 5 minutes ago, pick up Connors socks. 😉

Fall is also well on its way, so my crockpot makes a weekly return to my counter. If I have time I’ll throw something together first thing. In fact, I have a whole Pinterest board of just crockpot meals. I’ll post it below.

Number Six

Think about or write down something you are grateful for. Gratitude is something I could ramble on about for days but, I think I went into detail enough about this above. I truly encourage you to try it. You don’t have to have a special book, or pen, or be sitting in a perfectly white room, with a throw blanket, wearing a red flannel shirt, all while its raining softly. Just think about it, take a deep breath, let the smile or tears come to your face and move forward with your day.

Create your own routine

There will be times in your life that you will feel like you have more bad days than good. I’ve been there, and know that these times all have there season and will pass. If you’re in one of these times, I hope you can take a few minutes everyday and be grateful for the simple things we take for granted. Your cup of coffee, the people you get to eat breakfast with or don’t have to eat breakfast with anymore, you can see, eat, walk.

After reading allll of that, I hope you will consider making some kind of morning routine that sets you up daily for a great day. Fall is upon us and it’s time to enjoy life.



Fall morning routine print off


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