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Iritis is the inflammation of the coloured part of your eye (iris). It also affects the front part of the eye between the cornea and the iris (anterior chamber). Iritis can lead to serious problems. It can cause severe vision loss and even blindness. (Cedars Sinai)

Obviously, I wasn’t expecting to develop Iritis. It has become one of many things to work on in regards to a healthier lifestyle. Most of the time I generally try to eat an anti inflammatory diet but the last 10 months I certainly have not. It has been an all the everything and it has been a nice little break. The reality is though that my health needs more from me than the effort I have been putting forth. Consistently putting my nutrition first is hard and sometimes I take it too seriously only to fall off the wagon completely. Building a balance is what I strive for with all things and this certainly will continue to be one.

One thing I have learned about these kinds of things is that they can often lead to a lot of personal growth. More empathy, more knowledge, more of a chance to grow.

Do you suffer from an autoimmune disease?

Any tips welcome.


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  1. Autoimmune disorders suck. About 8 years ago I had a cancerous tumor in my chest. It was on my thymus gland which caused me to get myestgenia gravis. My symptoms started with just double vision but got much worse once I was finally diagnosed. The double vision was full time, my eyelids stopped working, at times my mouth wouldn’t work (couldn’t chew or talk), my legs weakened and I would collapse when going downstairs, I couldn’t lift my arms high enough to shampoo my hair, my neck stopped working one day and my head just swung freely from my shoulders lol… There’s more but I can’t remember everything. During the surgery, they had to sacrifice the nerve that operates my left diaphragm and I also had a heart attack when they cut the tumor out.
    There is no cure for what I have, it took an entire year of medicating before my body even responded to the meds. On top of that I did 6 months of cancer treatments. The doctors I had were amazing and helped me stay positive throughout all this. Even though it was by far the worst year of my life. I still have very minor symptoms from time to time but my life is almost back to normal. I’ve tried my hardest not to let any of this slow me down and for a while I was extremely active. A recent career change has me sitting on my ass for a living and that is what’s making me unhealthy now.
    If I had any tips to give you they would be to trust your doctors and try not to let any of this get in the way of living your life. I’m not sure if it helped with the healing process but hunting and fishing kept my mind busy and made it so much easier to stay positive.
    Take care of yourself. Cheers.

    1. Wow. This is crazy. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. You are so brave. I hope that when the time is right you find your way back to feeling healthier. 😊

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