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Want to know what I got up to during my social media retreat? Well, I made you another vlog! In it I talk about how we transformed the outside of our house, how I am feeling about my business, the health industry, the recycling truck that goes by, what my favourite junk food is, why I am so happy these days and why it might be time for you to take a social media retreat too!

House pictures

If you just came to see the before and afters of our house, then just keep on scrolling to the bottom. 🙂

You have almost nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking some sort of a break from your phone. I truly believe that the quality of my life improved when I decided that I needed a break. Seeing friends in real life or actually calling them! Can you believe that? It was wonderful to not live so much through my phone. I even started a memoir/thing for Hudson to have one day. In a few weeks I will share more about that! I can assure you, that if I had a distraction I certainly wouldn’t have started that.

In no way is this a judgement of your social media use. It is your life you do what you want! Social media is in many ways a wonderful thing. I just needed to limit my use and I am an all or nothing kind of girl at heart. Now I have a time limit on Instagram like a child. It is always surprising how quickly the time passes when I am on it.

Next time you spend hours mindlessly scrolling take some time, put your phone down and appreciate your freaking life! I’m sure you know this but, you do not get another one.

Here is my one and only video I made in July.

Our house before and afters!

House before social media retreat
Front of house painted during social media retreat.
House painted during social media retreat.
House after.

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  1. Loved your vlog. I am totally with you on what works for me is not always someone else’s cup of tea. I love my health and fitness journey, some months I’m not eating so well or I’m not exercising enough but the important thing is knowing your individual balance. Love your recipes, love your workout posts. The reality is that mom’s have a hard time fitting in the time to workout and I love that you share those moments. Keep shining!

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