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Bedtime Yoga will most certainly be the easiest yoga you will ever do.


Let’s not complicate things…

If you are alive, which I’m assuming you are because you’re reading this. You most certainly need to find a way to work on your flexibility, mobility, relaxation and breathe. We all sit a-lot, are really stressed, far to busy and because of this, the needs of our bodies fall down to the bottom of the to-do list. I have hopefully made this so easy, you feel like you might give it a try.

I first started posting “don’t leave your bed yoga” because it is simple and takes basically zero effort. It’s something I do almost everyday. Sometimes I even watch tv while I get my flexibility on. It doesn’t have to be the most peaceful, serene moment, but you should really give your body some love. Especially at bedtime.

There are two versions of bedtime yoga posted below. The first one requires a little bit of effort, maybe like 20%(not an actual statistic). 😉

Right after that, you have the absolute least amount of effort a human could put forth. You will notice that in one picture I am literally just laying there. I know you can do that. Yes, it is simple, but it feels soo good! Just focus on breathing and shutting your brain down for the day. 😌

You can do this I know you can! Tell your hips I say you’re welcome.

Now… you just have to pick a couple movements and try them for just a few minutes.

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Sleep tight! 😴😊


Yoga poses in bed
Yoga Poses for bedtime

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