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It’s ma’ birthday so I’m giving things away!

Aren’t birthdays exciting? You made it another time around the sun! And that in itself is something to be excited about. Maybe you’re like me, and most of your life you start talking about this glorious day, weeks or even months in advance. I have settled down in my advanced years, and now only like to talk about it a few weeks ahead but expect many days of birthday excitement.

You’re probably really here because you want some pumpkin cheesecake, or some free personal training and I don’t blame you! Free stuff is the best! So how do you win the it’s ma’ birthday prizes??

It's Ma' birthday Pumpkin cheesecake on plate
Photo credit Kate Roung

I’m going to keep things pretty simple but also with a lil’ structure because we humans need that. So here is the deal!

Whole Health Giveaway!

  • Everything will be on Instagram and Facebook. You can follow me here —> Instagram Facebook
  • Tag 3 friends in my post who might want to win.
  • Then… you can get extra entries by tagging me in any post this week that has you doing anything to improve your wellbeing!
  • i.e. going for a walk, doing a workout, making a healthy meal, trying something new, getting out with friends, eating something fun like cake guilt free, doing something nice for someone else!
  • Everytime you tag me @emmaleeharrison you will get another entry!
  • Up for grabs is!
  • A package of 5 personal training session.
  • And not 1, but 2 pumpkin cheesecakes!
  • The contest starts September 30th and will run until Sunday October 6th @1:00pm.
  • I will draw 3 names Sunday night.
  • Cheesecakes can be picked up Friday October 11th or I will even drop them off to you! (Within Peterborough)
  • Personal training must be used before the end of 2019.

Just in time for Thanksgiving weekend!

It's ma birthday pumpkin cheesecake!

If you’re here because you would like to hear what I have to say about living your best life then just hit play!

Let me know what you think!


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  1. Loved the ol Vlog em kitty!! So exciting watching you take your business to the next level and helping so many people along the way! Love you ❤️

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