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Ready to make some changes in building a healthier life? First lets throw the scale away!

Changing your behaviours is a crucial step in building that healthy lifestyle. I really do know from my own personal experience how confusing it can be to find a lifestyle that works long term. There is no shortage of opinions of what’s “best”. We are part of a society that is always trying to convince us that we need to look a certain way, to feel a certain way. What about just feeling good?

My own struggle bus

For a long time, I would get sucked into the excitement of the quick fix, amazing before and afters, really restrictive programs, weighing myself everyday, huge changes to my diet and fell victim to people who were just trying to sell me things to make money. And guess what. Those things never lasted. I get the appeal, I really do! Because, when you are sick of feeling stuck, bad, tired and frustrated you don’t really care what the solution is, as long as it is a solution.

This is happiness!

I know you want change right now, and you can. But, it doesn’t come with buying new shoes, a slew of diet products, or a new gym membership. It can all start right now with some changes to your perspective and behaviours. As well throw the scale away! Whatever age you are right now, is the amount of time taken to established the behaviours of how you eat and exercise. If you are ready to make lasting change, I urge you to start by looking at the patterns of your behaviour.

One more thing! Have you stopped and asked yourself why you feel like you need to change? I am pretty certain you are already incredible. I will always support people trying to live healthier lives. But, finding happiness does not require you to lose 10 pounds, or go to the gym everyday. Happiness is found in so much more than that.

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