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In the fall of 2016 my face started to develop small brown patches. It started on my upper cheek bones and they continued to spread. They even started developing on my chin and all over my cheeks. This is when I began researching brown patches that develop on your face. I found that I probably had developed melasma. This is when I started on my adventure of getting rid of melasma.

Melasma Adventure

I cover everything that I went through in the vlog at the bottom. But, before you scroll to it and all my selfies you should know. If you have melasma go and see a dermatologist! You will need help on your journey to becoming an expert of your skin. After countless hours of research,I know now that melasma is a tricky condition. What works for me, may not work for you. I do talk about what finally worked for me, including what the dermatologist prescribed and I used last year.

All the selfies!

Below I have included pictures of my skin over the last three years. It is almost embarrassing how many selfies I took of my face. There might actually be 1000’s of them. I always had hope, that I would be writing this blog and able to share what worked for me. So, I guess I’m glad I took some of them. The pictures start from when I first started to develop Melasma to today.

End of Summer 2016 no melasma.
Fall 2016
Spring 2017
Summer 2017
Summer 2018
Summer 2018
Melasma Pictures
This was a “good” day for my Melasma. It was hard to always know what the trigger would be. Summer of 2018.
Getting rid of Melasma
Fall 2018 right before treating my Melasma

Getting rid of Melasma
2 weeks after using prescription from Dermatologist. No makeup or filters.
Winter 2018. No filters no makeup. I don’t know why I’m not smiling!
January 2019
Getting rid of Melasma
My skin now. No makeup or filters. I am also super happy now which I think matters the most.

There is no known cure for melasma just treatment for what you can see. I remain hopeful that with the big changes to my lifestyle, that my Melasma will continue to fade without treatment. In the last 12 months there has been a huge improvement in my skin without treatment and will keep you posted! If you are wondering about the complete prescription that I was given, please send me a message and I can send you it!

If you have any other questions or just want to chat, you can reach me on Instagram or Facebook.

And hope that this helps you feel more positive that you too can get rid of Melasma. You can find more of my blog posts here —-> Blog



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