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Onward and Upward, but Overwhelmed

Finally putting pen to paper and laying out a plan!

We are moving in 28 days yikes! We are also getting married in under 50 days, I think? Our wedding is at the end of August so I think like 50 something. So much to be excited about, but also a lot to feel a little overwhelmed about too.

We finally made a plan for the month of July and everything we need to do. Whyyyy did we wait so long? The instant relief I felt just from this small task alone, makes me wonder why procrastination ever gets the best of me. Just sit down, take the time, make the plan and most of the guess work is done.

Pandemic Problems

I don’t know about you, but the pandemic has had its many layers for me.

Layers of:

“I’m doing sooo great!

“This isn’t bad at all!” to

“What is happening!??”

“What am I supposed to be doing?”

“Do we plan the wedding?”

“Do we cancel?”

Now we all have to try to navigate the return to “normal”. I have so many questions and I am finding I’m asking myself “what should I be doing?” frequently. Even though the to do list is a mile long I still feel a little lost. My business has forever changed and the Pandemic has given me some time and space to really think about what I will be doing moving forward. More to come on that, but I have to get back to packing.

Just living in a little disaster for the next while.

So the move is in less than a month, boxes and tasks are piling up. I am attempting to do a little packing everyday, but what do you pack? What if I want to use something? I settled on picking a number of boxes to pack a day, and that number is 3, just 3 boxes. Surely I can do that? Well it’s been a few days and I can tell you I can not. 😂 I overachieved the other day and did 7, 7 random boxes of stuff, so maybe I’m ahead of the game?

One cupboard down, twenty more to go!

Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is also in FULL swing! We finally sent out invites via Paperless Post, so handy. 4 different invites were made before deciding on the first one I made, of course, but it’s hard to choose with them all being so pretty. You’ll see below.

How does one choose?

We are having a small wedding, with less than 40 people at Connors parents on Stony Lake. We are keeping the food and drink pretty simple, but delicious! Woodfire Pizza from the Night Kitchen, custom charcuterie boxes that we and some of the ladies will be putting together the day before, and I am hoping to make the desserts myself. I have all the time in the world right?? Ha.

It is really shaping up to be a wonderful little day even if we did just start planning.

Flowers and more wedding plans…well that’s where the real excitement starts and I will share more soon! It deserves its own post.



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